Edison, Musicians, And The Phonograph

The first book of its kind ever published, Edison, Musicians, and the Phonograph presents the candid opinions of a wide variety of musicians–from those performing when the phonograph was first used to present-day artists–about the recording process, its effects, and its validity. Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews, John and Susan Harvith have constructed a detailed picture of how musicians and technicians view the ramifications of recording, a picture that reveals a dichotomy between our public perception of the recorded music as truly representative and the performers’ frequent mistrust of the medium.
Some musicians featured in this book are:  Benny Goodman, Ina Souez, Aaron Copland, Jane Jarvis, Ray Moore, Thomas Frost, Miha Pogacnik, & Leroy E. (Sam) Parkins,…just to name a few.

“This book is essential reading for everybody who listens to music.”–SubStance