The Healing Companion – Simple And Effective Ways Your Presence Can Help People Heal

The ability to heal is not reserved for a gifted few.  Anyone aching to ease the pain of a sick friend or loved one can tap into the immense power of caring and compassion of learning to become unconditionally present to the patient rather than to the disease.  Through stories filled with compassion, wisdom, and gentle humor, Dr. Jeff Kane shows each and every one of us how to help others heal using one simple tool:  our presence.

Review:  “The Healing Companion calls on physicians to ask themselves what their patients need from them, what kind of people they want to be, and what the medical calling out to be.  Kane offers the most basic agenda for humanistic medicine, each point clarified by simple stories of easily recognizable people.  I can imagine many patients wanting to give copies of this book to their doctors.” ~Arthur W. Frank, author of At the Will of the Body:  Reflections on Illness, and The Wounded Storyteller:  Body, Illness, and Ethics.


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