The Daring Book for Girls

We were girls in the days before the Web, cell phones, or even voicemail.  Telephones had cords and were dialed by, well, actually dialing.  We listened to records and cassette tapes—we were practically grown-ups before CDs came to pass—and more often than not, we did daring things like walk to school by ourselves.  Ride our banana-seat bikes to the local store.  Babysit when we were still young enough to be babysat ourselves.  Spent hours on our own, playing hopscotch or tether ball building a fort in our rooms, or turning our suburban neighborhood into the perfect setting for covert ops, impromptu ball games, and imaginary medieval kingdoms.

Girls today are girls of the twenty-first century, with email accounts, digital cable, iPods, and complex video games.  Their childhood is in many ways much cooler than ours—what wwe would have given for a remote control, a rock-climbing wall, or video chatting!  In other ways, though, girlhood today has become high-pressured and competitive, and girls are inducted into grownup-hood sooner, becoming tweens and teens and adult women before their time.

This book is full of info for girls of today (or any age)…necessary info like how to put your hair up with a pencil, “The Daring Girls Guide to Danger, “French Terms of Endearment, Expressions, and Other Items of Note”, how to make friendship bracelets,  how to make the Sit-Upon out of newspapers, recipes for your lemonade stand, how to make a 12″ x 12″ flat scooter on wheels, rules of darts, how to roller skate, handclap games, and on and on…

If I told you everything that is in this book of surprises, it would spoil it for you!

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