Mayo Clinic On Chronic Pain

If you regularly use the information in this book, you can learn how to control your pain instead of allowing it to control you.

This easy-to-understand book focuses on what you can do to manage long-standing or recurrent pain, from the more familiar headaches, back pain and arthritis to less common and unknown causes.  It’s a comprehensive approach to pain management based on the philosophies and experience of Mayo Clinic pain specialists.  You’ll read about:

  • What Causes Pain to Become Chronic
  • Specific Exercises That Help Reduce Pain
  • Ways to Cope With Anger and Other Emotions
  • Using Your Mind and Body to Relax and Relieve Stress
  • How to Sleep Better and Improve Sexual Intimacy
  • Strategies for Setting and Achieving Personal Goals
  • The Latest on Pain Medications
  • Complementary and Alternative Therapies That May Help
  • Role of Spirituality
  • 10 Ways to Maintain Your Gains
  • Much, Much More

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