The Healing Power of Pets

Modern medicine is now discovering the amazing power of animals to detect, treat, and cure a host of diseases and conditions.  there are pets who can sniff out cancers that are undetectable to highly trained doctors with sophisticated medical equipment; others who can sense when their owner is about to have a heart attack, seizure, or panic attack; and many who provide a safe passage in the world for the physically or emotionally challenged.  Increasingly, medicine is recognizing the special relationship between pets and people as one of the most powerful weapons in fighting disease and treating chronic conditions.  In fact, many doctors are routinely “prescribing” pets for their patients.

The best medicine may not be in the medicine cabinet but could be at your side—tail-wagging or purring—if you know how to activate it.  Whether you are a senior citizen or one of the 50 million baby boomers searching for optimal health, or a child growing up in a high-tech, high-stress, low-touch world, The Healing Power of Pets is the perfect healing remedy for all.


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