I Ching ~ The Shamanic Oracle Of Change

For more than 3,000 years the I Ching has been used as a source of guidance, divination and inspiration that directly addresses the heart of the human condition.  However, until now the cryptic symbolism has obscured the dramatic historical events that gave rise to this great work.  The authors of this new translation have not only returned to the earliest meaning of the characters but also to the original source of the oracle:  to the shaman seated on a cloudy mountain top in Shensi Province.  Through painstaking research and an astounding feat of detective work, the translators uncovered an epic period in Chinese history when the Chou tribe rebelled against the Shang dynasty, beginning a conflict that was as momentous and significant as the Exodus or the Trojan Wars.  The Chou tribes consulted the shaman, who advised them how to overthrow their oppressors.  Through these powers of divination they gained their freedom and this guidance became the source of this book.

Through placing the hexagrams in their epic context, the modern commentary and Jay Ramsay’s profound poetry illuminate the ancient oracle, allowing it to speak directly to us, with all its original power and clarity restored.  It is a journey that combines archaeology with personal quest, uniting the individual seeker of today with the shamans and leaders of the ancient past.


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