Send In The Idiots

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When he was four years old, Kamran Nazeer was enrolled in a small New York City school alongside a dozen other children diagnosed with autism.  Calling themselves “the Idiots,” these  kids received care that was at the cutting edge of developmental psychology.

Two decades later, Nazeer undertook a mission to try and reconnect with four of his schoolmates.  He wanted to understand what it meant to grow up with autism…to see the many obstacles his classmates had cleared, and to understand the ones they couldn’t.  A speech-writer unable to make eye contact; a messenger who gets upset if anyone touches his bicycles; a musically gifted but depressive pianist; and a computer engineer who communicates difficult emotions through the use of hand puppets ~ these classmates reveal an astonishing, thought-provoking spectrum of behavior.  Like all of us, each of them has his or her own set of fears and obsessions, hope and triumphs.

Send in the Idiots is the candid, surprising, and ultimately moving tale of their lives.

Using his  experiences to examine such topics as the difficulties of language, conversation as performance, and the politics of civility.  Nazeer also gives us a rare and provocative exploration of the way that people…all people…learn to think and feel.

This book is excellent for anyone interested in autism.

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