Power Of The Plus Factor ~ By Norman Vincent Peale

Power Of The Plus Factor

Excerpt from the book:

“What if were to tell you that there is a power within you that can revolutionize your life.

A power that is invisible, intangible, but completely real.

A power that can transform you so dramatically that under its influence and guidance you can become an entirely new person, stronger, more confident, better balanced, more energetic, more resilient, more capable of coping with the ever-increasing complexity of modern living.

Suppose I added that this remarkable force could lift you from failure to success, from illness to health, from self-doubt to self-assurance.

And then, if I assured you further that it could help you find congenial friends, solve problems, break out of stale habits, fairly explode into a world totally different from the world you have known before, a world of enthusiasm and exhilaration and understanding and joy … what would your reaction be?”

This book is full of instruction and inspiration to improve any life condition.  He deals with creative dreaming, setting goals, persistence, mental attitudes, courage, peace of mind, hope, handling trouble, enthusiasm, becoming an achiever, good health, growing older, and continuing on with what you’ve learned.

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