Unleashing The Power Of Food – Recipes To Heal By

Unleashing The Power of Food

A cookbook unlike any other that you may have owned.  Master FaXiang Hou—one of China’s great healing Masters—shares over 200 of his most celebrated food cures in this extraordinary guide to healing and good health.  Drawing on methods and wisdom handed down from father to son for thousands of years Master Hou—5th generation heir of one of China’s most revered families of natural healing—shows you how to heal through the power of food and how to create good health that lasts throughout your lifetime.

Peppered with the delightful wit and sage wisdom of a Master healer Unleashing the Power of Food is sure to become the most used cookbook in your kitchen.  The pages of this instant classic are filled with a variety of delicious mouth-watering recipes.  You will be sure to find everything from hearty family pleasing meals to exotically—elegant dinner party winners that not only taste good, but are good for you.

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