You’re Never Upset For The Reason You Think – The Cure For The Common Upset

You're Never Upset For The Reason You Think

“You get irritated in the long line at the movies, but it’s not really about the people in front of you; after all, you don’t even know them.

You exchange harsh words with your spouse about the grocery bill, yet underneath the argument lies something more significant than the cost of premium vitamins and gourmet potato chips.

You find yourself in an upheaval at work when someone you know is let go—and although you feel pity for your co-worker, there’s a deeper, more personal anxiety nagging at you.

Opportunities for emotional turmoil abound in your life.  You ignore many, while others seem to grab hold and refuse to let go.  Why do some things upset you and others don’t?  Learning the root causes of your emotions begins with a simple understanding:  You are never upset for the reason you think.” ~excerpt from the introduction

The authors delve into these upsets and the real reasons behind them.  They not only identify these upsets, but give insight into taking responsibility for them in order to heal from them.  This is with the ultimate goal of bringing people closer to the happiness we all desire.

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