How To Repair And Restore Dolls

How To Repair & Restore Dolls

Photo Credit:  Debbie Harris

Are you a doll lover and/or collector that is interested in the art of restoration?  Maybe, you know a little bit and would like to find out more or just starting out?  This book, How To Repair & Restore Dolls, will give you a wealth of knowledge on how to repair and restore old dolls.  It explains the techniques needed to repair broken, battered dolls, once someone’s pride and joy, to their original beauty. Plastic, vinyl, composition, bisque and celluloid are all covered.  And, how to remake clothe bodies, restore and replace wigs, reset eyes—all these problems are solved, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

With this book you will learn to restore the beauty under the grime and neglect, to rejuvenate your own and perhaps other people’s dolls.

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