VERDICT The Chronicle of the OJ Simpson Trial

VERDICT The Chronicle of the OJ Simpson Trial

The OJ Simpson trial. It’s been called the most watched legal case in history.

From Simpson’s arrest to his acquittal, from the pretrial jockeying by prosecutors and defense lawyers through the protracted jury selection to the surprisingly quick verdict, Associated Press writers Linda Deutsch and Michael Fleeman followed the case minute by minute for nearly 16 months. As a result, they’ve become experts on the trial and all of its complexities, complications and surprises.

In VERDICT: THE CHRONICLE OF THE OJ SIMPSON TRIAL, Deutsch gives an all-new, first person account of the trial, and weaves her original AP stores on key events into an accessible chronology. She also includes profiles of the leading players: the victims, the accused, the lawyers, the judge.

An epilogue, written by Fleeman, addresses the trial’s aftermath: the nation’s reaction to the verdict, why the jurors decided what they did, and what the verdict and response say about race relations in the United States.

Readable and compelling, VERDICT: THE CHRONICLE OF THE OJ SIMPSON TRIAL is a clear-eyed look at one of the most controversial legal cases of our time.

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