30 SECONDS ~ Novel With Insights Into The Presidential Assasination, The Mafia In Hollywood, Death Of Marilyn Monroe, & Other Mysteries

30 Seconds Novel Giving Insight Into Presidential Assassination, Hollywood Mafia, Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Start with a tale of organized crime and high stakes advertising, created in both cases from a thoroughly unique insider’s perspective.  Charge it with the mind-spinning action and taut suspense that can only come from two natural-born storytellers.  The result is one of the most unexpected achievements in fiction—and one of the most satisfying reads you’ll ever have.

Catapulted from corporate big-city to the jungles of Belize, Marty (estranged son of Chicago’s mafia godfather) will find himself framed for murder pursued by the mob, the CIA, and Arrow Advertising’s seductive marketing director.  Hunted and alone, the ad man discovers allies in a street-smart detective, a beautiful and resourceful photojournalist, and an old Maya shaman intent on saving the rainforest.  Ultimately, Marty will confront his single greatest foe at the Super bowl itself, in thirty seconds of high-tech drama that will electrify and change the world.

As disconcertingly timely as it is wickedly entertaining, 30 SECONDS will leave you breathless—and wondering where the truth ends and fiction begins.

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