The Tao Of Muhammad Ali – A True Story

The Tao Of Muhammad Ali

Photo Credit:  Debbie Harris

It begins in 1964, when a sickly twelve-year-old boy stares at a TV image of the soon-to-be-greatest athlete of all time.  It grows into a unique and powerful relationship that lasts for more than thirty years and forever changes the author’s life.  An original and inspiring coming-of-age story now lets you journey with them and experience…The Tao of Muhammad Ali…

There are those who study faults in the earth’s crust or the habits of storms or galaxies.  Others meditate on a single social movement or the work of one man.  For Davis Miller, the path to enlightenment coursed through the phenomenon known as Muhammad Ali.

Through Ali’s influence, Davis teaches himself boxing and the martial arts.  Practicing these disciplines, Davis begins to wake and to feel, for the first time, that he is living in each moment.  Later, as a young man, Davis comes to understand that Ali taught a generation a new way to see not only boxing, but the world.  Because of Ali, Davis evolves from an adolescent paralyzed by sorrow to become a writer who chooses the writing life as part of his personal spiritual odyssey.

The Ali in these pages is the now and forever Greatest of All Times, who, in the years since the onset of his Parkinson’s syndrome, has become intensely dedicated to a pursuit of the spiritual.  “Why have you followed me so long?”  Ali asks Davis.  The author’s answer:  “Because you’re the single largest person I’ve ever known.”  It is Davis’s contention that if Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. had never laced on a p[air of shining leather gloves, destiny still would have molded him into one of the most influential people of this century.  From the publisher.


Publisher:Warner Books. New York.; First Edition edition (1996)


ISBN-13: 978-0446519465

Our Review:  Written from the writer’s point of view…well-documented personal experience he had as a follower (and acquaintance) of Muhammad Ali.

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