DOC SUSIE – The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies

Doc Susie

Photo Credit: Debbie Harris

English: An aerial view of the Fraser Valley i...

English: An aerial view of the Fraser Valley in Colorado, United States. Winter Park Ski Resort can be seen in the distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Susan Anderson, M.D., stepped from the train into frigid Fraser, Colorado – “Icebox of the Nation: – she had everything to die for and nothing to live for.

This is the true story of how Doc Susie recovered her health, then ventured forth on snowshoes, horseback or in cabooses to save the lives of lumberjacks, miners, ranchers, railroaders and their families.  So desperate were they for medical attention that they didn’t care that she was a mere woman.

One woman’s search for success and romance led her to a deeper love; her devotion to her working stiffs thrust her into confrontation with two of the most powerful men in the State.

Virginia Cornell spent three years researching and writing Doc Susie’s story.  A long-time resident of the Fraser Valley, she formally managed a Winter Park ski lodge – Miller’s Idlewild Inn – and owned and edited the Winter Park Manifest weekly newspaper. (from book)

Author:  Virginia Cornell


Publisher: Manifest Pubns (1991)

ISBN: 0-9627896-5-8

Pages:  225

Shipping Weight:  1 pound

Our Review:  Really interesting story (vintage book) of a remarkable female physician in the Colorado Rockies.


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