The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking

Amazing Results Of Positive Thinking

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You are not what you think you are...But what ...

You are not what you think you are…But what you think – You are (Photo credit: Spiritual Quotes To Live By)

Norman Vincent Peale, Christian preacher and a...

Norman Vincent Peale, Christian preacher and author of The Norman Vincent PealePower of Positive Thinking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“This is a result book….It is the story of the thrilling things that happened to people when they applied the principles of dynamic change to their lives.”
Norman Vincent Peale
This practical and proven guide shows you how to precondition yourself for success and achieve confidence, a sense of well-being, and an inner strength that you never dreamed possible. Dr. Peale’s amazing methods include — A unique program for eliminating your particular area of weakness — Confidence-building words — Sound, sensible ways to overcome insecurity — Effective guides for thinking and believing your way to health — Step-by-step ways to release the vast energies latent within you
The power to live with joy and victory is available to you. This power can lead you to a solution to your problems, help you meet your difficulties successfully, and fill your heart with peace and contentment.

About the Author

Norman Vincent Peale, one of the most influential clergymen of his time, is the author of forty-six books, including the international bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking. Dr. Peale’s legacy continues today through the Peale Center for Christian Living, the Outreach Division of Guideposts.