The GATE to INFINITY – Realizing Your Ultimate Potential

Gate To Infinity

Photo Credit: Debbie Harris

This heated natural swimming pool with an infi...

This heated natural swimming pool with an infinity edge is considered to be the most advanced natural pool anywhere in the world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a book for all who still have faith that there is a way to discover and develop themselves without having to go against what their own common sense tells them is natural.  It is a book for people who are mature enough to understand that what is natural for one person can be unnatural for another, what is natural for one place and time can be unnatural a thousand years later half-way around the world as well as a hundred years later where it first began.

The Gate to Infinity guides you to a gentle path for a long climb.  There are switchbacks that afford different views and quiet stretches in which one becomes aware of the process of setting one foot in front of the other and the direction in which one is going.  There are moments of wonders and delight, and there are the gradually developing thoughts which come from keeping company with someone devoted to a natural life of spiritual self-development and service.

This gateway does not led to a stultifying system or institution that leads people nowhere as they march quickly in place.  Rather, the depths of spiritual life can be learned from Nature, who has never yet demanded vows of poverty or renunciation from anyone or anything.  Reading this book will expand your horizons and bring great benefit to your life.

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