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Beat Reader

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The Portable Beat Reader collects the work of the cluster of writers who comprised what Jack Kerouac and John Clellon Holmes first called the “Beat Generation” in November 1948:  originally a group of friends who had worked together on poetry, prose, and cultural conscience in the years after World War II until the term became nationally known in the late fifties with the almost simultaneous publication of Kerouac’s celebrated novel On the Road and Allen Ginsberg’s first collect of poems, Howl.

Organized chronologically in sections illustrating the broad range of its writers’ contributions, The Portable Beat Reader offers the most comprehensive selection available of the movement’s important poetry and prose.  The anthology in excerpts from Kerouac’s major novels, as well as a generous sampling of his poetry and correspondence: poems by Allen Ginsberg, including Howl and Kaddish; extracts from William BurroughsJunky and others.  There’s even a section on beat writers of the seventies and eighties.

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The Beat Generation

The Beat Generation (Photo credit: N▲POLEON IN ▲QUAMARINE)

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