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I Ching

Photo Credit: Debbie Harris

I Ching Modern Quilt blocks

I Ching Modern Quilt blocks (Photo credit: daintytime)

The I Ching is a mixture of philosophy and fortune telling, and while it is the later that has caught the imagination of Westerners, it should really be viewed as wise words from the gods to a Chinese person who consults it.  The I Ching system provides information, wisdom, virtue, warning, advice and caution.  Many readings concern progress or hindrance along one’s life path.  It can even advise as to which direction to travel in to maximize one’s potential or to minimize the chances of disaster.

This book introduces the I Ching using clear concise text and illustrations to visually guide you through consultations.

  • Aid decision making
  • Ask questions about home, family, work and relationships
  • Deal with problems through clear thought and informed decisions
  • Face and resolve your fears anxieties and desires

The reader will explore much information about I Ching in this book…from definition of what it is to the history and then to explain great details on how it is performed.  Full of explanations, instructions, and photos.

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Street fortune teller consults with client in ...

Street fortune teller consults with client in Taichung, Taiwan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)