SMASHING WordPress – Beyond The Blog

Smashing WordPress

Photo Credit: Debbie Harris

If you want to learn more about WordPress, how the use the power of the WordPress platform to create sites that ~SIZZLE~…this book is for you!

Smashing WordPress shows you how to use WordPress in a way that gives you that “creative spark” to help you build WordPress-powered sites that go beyond the obvious.

Inside, WordPress expert Thord Daniel Hedengren takes you beyond the blog and shows you how WordPress can serve as a CMS, a photo gallery, an e-commerce site, and more.

You will learn:

  • The anatomy of a WP install and how WordPress actually works
  • How to build beautiful WordPress themes – including child themes
  • How to create custom login forms and admin themes
  • How to use the loop to control content, and even use alternatives to the loop
  • How to integrate theme options
  • How to build plugins – including widget functionality
  • How to build your WordPress projects for SEO
  • Integrate WordPress with the social web
  • How to create amazing navigation
  • How to use conditional control elements

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Wordpress, Technorati, GBC stickers

WordPress, Technorati, GBC stickers (Photo credit: Titanas)