Don’t Worry, Make Money

Don't Worry Make Money

Photo Credit: Debbie Harris

Richard Carlson (author)

Richard Carlson (author) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Don’t Worry, Make Money, Richard Carlson shows us how to:

  • Learn about the relationship between moods and money
  • Be aware of what you don’t know, and what you’re not good at
  • Experiment with the one hour solution
  • Spend the bulk of your time on the “critical inch” of your business
  • Avoid relying on too much data
  • Be aware of your unique “stacking order”
  • Avoid giving away your power
  • and much more!

This book shows us, in 100 new strategies, how to live more fully and worry less.  And, this will help us to attract more abundance and wealth in our lives.  We often have the “pattern” of staying late at the office, feeling stressed out, and full of anxiety.  But, this strategy can actually decrease our earnings and stagnate our success.  Carlson shows us how to invest in the market, instead of worrying about it; how to get real mileage out of reflection; how to make a truly great impression on clients; how taking your lunch break (instead of working through it) may pay off in more ways than you think and how we shouldn’t rely on too much data in making decisions.

“Accept the fact that you can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can’t do both,” Carlson tells us as he teaches us how to work on the “critical inch” of our business instead of the peripheral agendas that don’t really earn the big bucks….plus many more useful ideas!

If you are tired of being tired from work and not getting ahead…this book is for YOU!

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