The Signature Of God

The Signature Of God

Photo Credit: Debbie Harris

Grant is internationally recognized as a leading researcher and Bible Prophecy teacher.  More than one an a half million readers have read his seven bestselling books.

THE SIGNATURE OF GOD is the most fascinating and important book that Grant has written.  This book will startle and thrill you with it wel documented scientific evidence that will prove that the Bible is the inspired Word of God beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Grant argues that God has indeed written His Signature on the pages of the Scriptures through a staggering number of divine proofs that its words are inspired and authorative.


  • Mysterious Hebrew codes in the bible that reveal Hitler, Rabin, and Sadat
  • The name “Yeshua – Jesus” appears in code throughout the Old Testament
  • The incredible precision of prophecy fulfilled in this generation
  • Ancient Inscriptions found in Sinai record the events of the Exodus
  • The names of Joseph and Moses found on ancient inscriptions
  • Evidence for the miraculous destruction of the walls of Jericho
  • Incredibly accurate scientific statements found in the Bible
  • Advanced Medical Information in the Scriptures
  • Overwhelming historical proof for Christ‘s death and resurrection

If you want to know that the Bible is truly inspired by God or if you would like to witness to a friend, The Signature of God is convincing evidence that the Scriptures can be trusted!

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